Smaller, Faster, Smarter!!

“Smaller, Faster and Smarter” are Barun Electronics’ new values.

In 1998, Barun Electronics was established by experts from global semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and Intel in the semiconductor industry’s growth period. With the motto, “be a research-oriented and export-oriented enterprise”, Barun Electronics has grown into Korea’s leading semiconductor company whose exports account for more than 80% of its sales with its annual sales in excess of 200 billion won through industry-leading investment in R&D and continuous overseas market development.

Its biggest competitiveness resides in its own R&D organization which is as powerful as large corporations. Unlike many other semiconductor packaging companies which just provide outsourced assembly & test services for Integrated Device Manufacturers(IDM), Barun Electronics develops and sells its own products including memory cards, eMMCs, USBs, SSDs, etc. In particular, it is recognized as a comprehensive packaging house that can cover both memory and non-memory semiconductors through its SiP (system in package) field enclosing various chip elements in a single package and its advanced packaging technologies including bumping, flip chip, etc..

Its business structure is divided into the following two units: memory storage and system. The memory storage business unit supplies various internal and external memories (memory cards, eMMCs, SSDs, etc.), and the system business unit provides customized system IC packaging, IoT modules and SiP. With production of 150 million memory card products annually, it has the largest market share in Korea and the third largest one in the world. In 2017, it also demonstrated its industry-leading technology by introducing the world’s smallest LoRa module SiP, which is smaller than the newspaper type.

To meet the needs for semiconductors that evolve ‘smaller’, ‘faster’ and ‘smarter’ in the huge ICT convergence ecosystem represented by hyperconnected society, big data and convergence, we, Barun Electronics, promise to supply the creative and industry-leading products desired by customers and markets in a timely manner with our rich development experience and differentiated know-how. We will grow into the ‘No. 1 global Korean semiconductor company’ on the basis of differentiation, creative innovation and challenge rather than mere competition.

  • Company Overview

Company Name : Barun Electronics Co., Ltd.

CEO : Daesung Cho

Business Field

Memory storages, system IC packaging, IoT sensors and connectivity modules, various packaging services

Number of Employees : 139


Head Office/Plant : #548, Gyeonggidong-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


“We will grow into a global superexcellent company that continues to grow with a creative and competitive spirit!”

Thank you for visiting our website and showing your interest and support.
Barun Electronics has continued technology development and management innovation since its establishment in 1998.
As a result, it has become a global semiconductor company well-known for its various memory products (e.g. memory cards, eMMCs, and SSDs) as well as its advanced semiconductor packaging services across memory and non-memory semiconductors in the global market.

The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is represented by hyperconnectivity and superintelligence.
In this era, everything around us will communicate and converge, and digital assets will have the greatest competitive edge. Semiconductors are also rapidly advancing.
Barun Electronics’ new values, “Smaller !!, Faster !!, Smarter !!”, reflect the new paradigm of future semiconductor technology.

The development of technology has always been the root of dynamic economic change, from the Industrial Revolution’s first mechanization to the computer revolution. Furthermore, the cycle of innovation is getting shorter. We Barun Electronics have one belief in our pride that we have continued straight and right growth based on our constant self-reflection and unabated innovation through the growth, recession and re-emergence period of the semiconductor industry. All of our strength comes from our customers’ faith and love.

The era where yesterday’s new knowledge becomes today’s old knowledge needs wisdom beyond intelligence. Please pay attention to Barun Electronics that always stays awake. As a semiconductor company that specializes in technologies beyond semiconductors, we will vigorously make advancements by considering our customers’ voices as our rudder.

We will appreciate your warm support and encouragement. Thank you.

CEO Daesung Cho

Barun Electronics Inc. going beyond customer expectations wiith world-class ‘First’ development capability and world-class ‘Best’ quality

We propose ODM, OEM and comprehensive EMS business with the best yield and very short delivery time.
Our business proposals cover the following products: the NAND flash product family that has dominated the global market with high quality, high reliability and reasonable price, and the seeds of the 4th industrial revolution such as ‘connectivity(wireless connectivity)IC’, ‘sensor IC’, ‘hybrid modules‘, etc.

  • Company History
2020 Supply eMMC by OEM to KONKA in China
2019 eUFS card development (Became on UFSA member )
2018 microSD 1TB development
2017 eMMC (v5.1) development
2016.04 Released high-capacity microSD XC 256GB
2016.06 Certified as an excellent enterprise of ‘compensation for employee’s invention’ by the Korean Patent Office
2016.07 Released LoRa module (IoT distance communication technology)
2016.08 Developed 256GB USB 3.0 with Type-C for the first time in Korea
2016.08 Cumulative production of memory cards exceed 600 million
2015.09 FinTech vocational training for youths
2015.08 Patent registration (multi eMMC)
2015.07 Released Type-C Plug Dual USB Flash Dive
2015.05 Released “Bluetooth Gateway”
2015.03 Developed Wi-Fi sensor module
2015.01 Developed world’s largest capacity SD Card (512GB)
2014.11 BARUN Electronics, awarded the “Minister prize by Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy” at the Happy Small Business Management in 2014
2014.03 Developed 128-GB Micro SD Card
2013.12 Chairman Tae-sup Kim received the Presidential Award at the Trade Day ceremony
2013.10 The cumulative production of memory card exceeded 200 million.
2013.07 Developed the Bluetooth 4.0 RF module
2013.04 Started Finance–Micro SD business
2013.03 Started the mass production of an ultra-thin Micro USB 2.0
2012.11 Developed a high-capacity, 256-GB SD Card
2012.09 Started the mass production of a 64-GB Micro SD Card
2012.05 Developed SSD mSATAIII
2011.11 Constructed a new plant at Hwaseong
2011.08 Developed a 128-GB SD Memory Card
National Quality Team Contest (Presidential Silver Award)
2011.07 Developed a 64-GB Micro SD Card
2011.06 Selected as a “Great Workplace” by MKE
2011.04 Completed the development of a Solid State Drive (SSD) 2.5-in SATAII (64, 128, and 256 GB)
Completed the development of a COB-type USB 3.0 Flash Drive
2010.10 “$100 Million Export Tower Award” at the Trade Day ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010.06 Developed the Mini UFD (32 GB)
2009.12 Moved its head office to Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
LED High-efficiency Energy Equipment Certification
2009.03 Developed an ultramini and high-capacity Micro SDHD (16 GB)
2009.02 Developed a proximity and optical sensor module for mobile (full-touch)
2008.10 Developed Memory Stacking Package (16 GB) (1.6 tons) for the first time in Korea;
developed a Multichip Package (MCP) F119 Ball (1-GB NAND + 1-GB DDR)
2008.08 New subsidiaries (HEASCO and GenCore Technology H.K.)
Merging of GenCore Technology
2007.11 Developed an eight-stack Micro SD 8-GB Flash Memory Card (0.7 mmT) for the first time in Korea
2007.10 Inno-Biz SMB registration
2007.08 Patent registration (Memory Card)
2007.05 Constructed a Production Informatization System
2006.11 Developed a four-stack Micro SD 2-GB Flash Memory Card for the first time in Korea
2006.05 Investment in BSG Equipment and Wafer Saw
Participated in KRX IR Expo
2006.01 KOSHA/OHSAS 18001 certification
Supplied ODM MMC Micro to Samsung Electronics
2005.06 Developed MMC Micro
2005.05 Developed MMC Mobile
2004.09 RS-MMC supply contract with the U.S. Lexar Media (USD 1.3 million)
2004.04 Developed Mobile Flash Memory R/W (BRW-210 and BRW-22)
Developed Flash Memory Card RS-MMC, Mini SD Card
2003.08 Developed and started the mass production of USB 2.0 xD Picture Card Reader/Writer
2003.06 Started the mass production and supply of RF Transportation Card
2003.01 Acquired ISO 9001/14001 integrated certification
2002.12 Listed in KOSDAQ
2002.02 Patent registration (baseboard for chip cards)
2001.06 Selected as a promising SMB by Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office
2001.05 Established its R & D Center (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2000.08 Moved its head office to its newly constructed office building (Yongin City, Gyeonggi-do)
2000.05 Patent registration (Multichip Package)
1999.12 ISO 9001 certification (TUV)
Selected as an excellent technology enterprise by KIBO
1998.12 Concluded the SMC Card and Smart Card module supply contract with Samsung Electronics and started mass production
1998.06 Venture business registration (Small and Medium Business Administration)
1998.02 Registered as Barun Electronics Co., Ltd. (Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do)

Because of the encouragement and support from our customers, we had the honor of receiving various awards from all fields in our society.

  • Award Records

2011 ~ present



Certified as an excellent enterprise of ‘compensation for employee’s invention’ by the Korean Patent Office

Achievement award by Gangnam-gu Youth Training Center


Excellent enterprise for donating Work Experience, citation by superintendent of education (Seoul Education Office)

Excellent mentor for donating Work Experience, citation by superintendent of education (Seoul Education Office)

Excellent learning institution of Seoul, Prize of Seoul Mayor (Seoul Metropolitan)


Prize of Minister (The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


Presidential Prize on the ‘Trade Day’


Selected as a ‘Great company to work’ by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Award the grand prize in Gyeonggi-do Quality Management competition

Chairman prize of Presidential Council on Nation Branding

2006 ~ 2010



Award for ‘Top of 100million export ‘ prize by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Award for New prominent award in China Electronics Fair


Award 100 billion venture company prize


Selected excellent business partner of LG RMC department


Selected INNO-BIZ medium-sized business


Selected Management innovation medium-sized business

2000 ~ 2005



Award a minister prize of commerce ministry in a Medium-sized companys’ competition


Selected a prospective business by Gyeonggi-do provincial goverment

Award a prize of a company with outstanding technology

Award a creative business prize in the 4th start up business competition of Tsinghua University of China

  • TEL: 031-8020-6000
  • FAX: 031-8020-6111
  • ADDRESS: 548, Gyeonggidong-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Location: Located 4 km along the local road (No. 82) to Yongin-Songjeon from the 2-km point to Suwon/Giheung from Osan TG
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