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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Service

Semiconductor package requires various methods depending on the requirements of the application.
Currently, the semiconductor package paradigm tends to indicate the increasing number of I/O terminals due to the high performance of semiconductors. Given the total semiconductor cost, the importance of packaging also becomes more important since the cost competitiveness is determined at the back-end packaging stage rather than the front-end stage.

On the other hand, all applications need to be based on a lighter, thinner, and smaller package. They also require low power, fast signal, and efficient heat dissipation technologies, along with high price competitiveness.

Our 20-year accumulated chip packaging technologies are very competitive in the global market, including the world’s best chip stack technology and the world’s smallest LoRa SiP (system in package) development.
We will provide you with optimal solutions from package design to testing, with regard to Bumping, Flip Chip, Multi Chip Package (MCP), Package on Package (PoP) and Package in Package (PiP).

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Flip Chip Process


FCCSP Process Flow
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Flip Chip
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